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April 24th, 2023 5:23 AM

                                              North 1 Project Area Cost

The city has announced the cost or installing city water, sewer, and reclaimed irrigation water to properties in the North 1 West project area, the area west of Del Prado Blvd.  The current cost is $33,367 per 10,000 square foot site. This includes a $6,750 Capital Facility Expansion Charge.  The cost of the construction is assigned to the property receiving the services, and connection is mandatory once available.  The construction cost may be paid up front or financed for 20, 25, or 30 years and paid annually as part of the property tax. At a 6.5% interest rate the 30 year cost will approximately $76,000.

Construction of past extension projects has taken one to two years.  Roads are dug up and may remain unpaved for six months as water and sewer lines are installed and tested.  Homeowners in the should be prepared for rough, unpaved roads and a dusty, noisy two years.

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